Online print services provider

The business with printed materials that are ordered online is constantly growing, particularly in the labels environment. Online printing companies use their logistical capacity and software competence to produce labels and folding boxes faster than the competition, on demand and not on spec. Online print services providers use combined forms to group large numbers of small orders and produce them cost-effectively. ALS Engineering GmbH can automate the entire process from the combined form to the delivered label, drastically shortening throughput time.

Pharma company

The EU Directive 2011/62/EU initiated the serialisation of virtually all medicinal products subject to prescription with the intention of putting a stop to the billion-euro business in falsified medicines for good. Solutions from ALS Engineering GmbH can help companies to implement the directive flexibly. Reference customers use the capabilities of individual label production on a single system, with combined printing, coating, laser cutting and final conversion. Compared to conventional production, time savings of 270% and cost reductions of 180% have been achieved.

Label printers

Traditionally, the most innovative label printers have always sourced products from ALS Engineering GmbH. ALS addresses their challenges – producing shrinking print runs, delivering products faster and making more complex products, against a background of increasingly intense competition - with constructively and meticulously devised, innovative finishing solutions tailored to the customer’s specific needs.


The automotive industry is a large consumer of die-cut blanks, i.e., products that are used in increasingly small lot sizes for the bonding of car parts. Because of their finishing modules, laser die-cutting systems from ALS Engineering can produce these blanks quickly and easily roll-to-roll.

Food manufacturing industry

A special type of label is becoming increasingly popular for outer packaging in particular: the in-mould label. ALS can produce IML labels with good peel adhesion and no perceptible edge.