Our company

Solid mechanical engineering
is the safe foundation of our plants.

Since 2005, ALS Engineering has been developing and producing customised solutions for the label industry, specialising particularly in varnishing systems and laser cutting plants.

Until end of 2010 was ALS Engineering located in Leopoldshöhe-Asemissen before the company moved to the new Headquarters based in Lage, Westphalia, Germany in 2011. Customers appreciate our engineering know-how as well as the robustness and lasting value of the systems in use. Intelligent automation creates end-to-end digitally coordinated processes for continuous operation and just-in-time delivery.

Our Mission

ALS Engineering’s products and solutions make a critically important contribution to faster, more reliable and more cost-effective production and finishing of labels in the digital value chain.

Our Partner

Thanks to our reliable partners, we always find the right solution for our customers.